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Sailor Moon Animated Icontest

In the name of the moon I will animate you!

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Welcome to sm_animation inspired by anime_animation I'll be your mod tiger_moth

Each week, a theme will be given to you. Members will submit icons related to this theme, and icons will be voted on. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and a Special Category (Special Category will be announced at voting time) winners can head over to custom_banners for a Banner.

Note: Only moderators have posting access, please do not request posting access - you do not need it and you will not get it.

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*All Icons must be animated
*All icons must adhere to LJ standards - no larger than 40K and 100x100px. (this will be checked and I will try to notify you before the voting goes up if they are too large so you can fix them for the contest)
*Don't advertise your icon, use your icon, tell your friends to vote for your icon, etc. Entries are to remain anonymous until AFTER voting is complete and winners are announced.
*To participate you must be a member. So if you haven't already, join the community!

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Here's how it works. On Monday, you will be given a theme. Icons related to the theme may be submitted from Monday - Friday @ 10:00p,. Post your entries (up to two!) in a comment to the screened theme post. The submission should contain the following information:

URL: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a104/babysarica/livejournal%20icons/c014a891.gif

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Voting will be held from Friday @ 10:00pm - Sunday @ 10:00pm. Winners will be announced shortly after, and a new theme will be posted on Monday.

Do Not Vote For Your Own Icon

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Week # 1 - Rainbow
Week # 2 - Cold
Week # 3 - ATC - So Magical Lyrics
Week # 4 - The Starlights
Week # 5 - Red
Week # 6 - Crystal

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tiger_moth @ moth_icons

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Anyone Interested in being a Banner Maker or doing a Community Layout can also leave a Comment here!